An organization may use Mobile Device Management (MDM), a security tool or software, to enhance the security, management, and monitor of its organization's mobile devices. As mobile devices are becoming increasingly common in organizations, enterprises are necessitating enterprises to secure their device fleets, whether they belong to their employees or their companies.

A Mobile Device Management Solution: Why Enterprises Need It?

Today's enterprise is digitized- from knowledge workers to task employees, everyone relies on one or more mobile devices for work. Web-driven organizations enhance productivity, management, and customer satisfaction with work-related applications through mobile devices. Digital devices have become an integral part of businesses no matter what industry they serve.

For instance, a delivery or logistics company would not be able to function without business-specific apps.

But that's not the most alarming aspect of the use of mobile devices at work. The following points should be considered by organizations:

  • What systems does your organization have in place to troubleshoot issues with mobile devices?

  • What policies does the organization have regarding mobile usage?

  • What business resources are loaded on mobile devices used in the workplace?

  • Does the IT department pay enough attention to securing mobile devices and the corporate data they hold?

All these mobility concerns can meet with a dependable solution- Mobile Device Management. Driving enterprise mobility, Mobile Device Management ensures productivity and security while ensuring personalization on endpoints.

Get visibility for all your devices – simplify mobile management

Managing devices can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially in cases where enterprises adopt mobile devices with varying operating systems and ownership models. Provisioning, managing, and maintaining security takes several hours of IT time.

Get the Best Solutions for Your Business

Mobile Device Management Android

Manage, secure and control android devices with a mobile device management (MDM) solution that works with Android.

Windows MDM

Windows 10 device management (MDM) solutions offer simplified self-management of Windows 10 devices such as desktops and laptops and provide cloud-based control and management.

MDM Software for Schools

Managing and securing devices is something that is going to take class time to a whole new level. MDM for School allows you to do just that for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices all in one place.

Kiosk Software Solutions

Any devices can be locked into a kiosk mode in kiosk software, which prevents access by anyone else and limits data costs.

iPad Kiosk App

iOS kiosk apps allow you to lock ios devices in a single or multiple ios kiosk app setting, so as to prevent unauthorized access and reduce excess data costs.

Windows 10 Lockdown Software

By using Windows 10 kiosk software, IT admins can limit the use of certain websites and apps on Windows 10 desktops and laptops.

Fully Kiosk Browser iOS

Install the ProSurf kiosk browser app on your iOS device in order to protect your browser. ProSurf allows you to exclude certain websites for your business from your iPad browser.

Smartphone Device Financing

Secure smartphone leasing by pre bundling smartphone carrier services. Leverage device financing for Telecom Carriers powered with SIM-based locking.

Que ES Nuovo App

Looking for an alternative to the PayJoy app. Your search for a PayJoy alternative ends here. Say hello to NuovoPay Solution.

POS Leasing

Secure your leased POS devices against non-payment. Remotely lock leased POS devices using NuovoPay POS Lockdown.

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